story about us

story about us

Every profession has its own intricacies, so does tax preparation. Electronic filing software can handle calculations, but these programs cannot provide you with tax law expertise like our firm, Real Savings Tax Services, in Calgary, AB can provide.

Real Savings Tax Services offers certified tax preparation services. With Real Savings Tax Services, you get the assurance that a seasoned tax preparation specialist is handling the very detailed matter of your financial history from the past year. And with Real Savings Tax Services you are getting as many tax breaks as are legally available to you, because only a tax preparation specialist knows all the ins and outs of the tax industry. Think about it: When you work with tax preparation professionals like those at Real Savings Tax Services you are paying your taxes, getting your tax breaks, and not having to personally handle all the complications associated with tax preparation. This is not all we represent you with all post-assessments or audits from the CRA.

We provide reliable, earnest, efficient, affordable and accurate personal income tax preparation services while building long-lasting relationships with clients.

About Our Owner

Lata Kandekar is dedicated, experienced and passionate about working for clients and has an excellent aptitude for working with numbers. She provides year round support in case of post-assessments of all types and she never charges for these services if the client has provided her with the papers she asked for at the time of filing the returns. In her past jobs she has gone out of her way to help clients save a lot of their hard earned dollars. Her goal and focus have always been to get clients maximum refunds or make them pay the minimum dues to the CRA and hence in her past job with H&R Block she had her clients returning to her year after year. Further having worked for H&R Block and the CRA she pretty much understands both sides of the coin and definitely uses this knowledge to the benefit of her clients.

In cases of self-employment and rental properties, she is available to help with post assessments, however the responsibility of maintaining records is on the individual.

Important Tax Information

Federal Tax Rates for 2016

  • 15% on the first $45282 of taxable income
  • 20.5% on the portion of taxable income between $45282 and $90,563
  • 26% on the portion of taxable income between $89,401 and $138,58
  • 29% of taxable income over $200,000

For Alberta:

  • 10% upto 125,000
  • 12% between 125,000 and 150,000
  • 13% between 150,000 and 200,000
  • 14% between 200,000 and 300,000
  • 15% above that

Tax Tips

  • It is also critical to note that if you owe the CRA and do not have the money to pay the dues, there is a myth that it is better if you don’t file a tax return at all. If you file taxes by the due date, you can save yourself a lot of money in penalties, which is much higher than the interest charged by the CRA for balance owing.
  • If you miss any source of income on your tax return please come in and file an adjustment before the CRA catches it when they match slips. This will save you money in penalties, too.

For other tax tips, come to us for filing your tax returns.