our Checklist

The following list can be used by taxpayers as a check list to ensure they are not forgetting anything:


  • Employment Income (T4)
  • Other Pensions or grants (T4A)
  • Old Age Security & Canada Pension Plan (T4A-OAS, T4-AP)
  • Registered Retired income Fund (T4RIF)
  • Employment Insurance Benefits (T4E)
  • Interest and Dividends (T3, T5)
  • Universal Child care benefits (RC62)
  • Employment expenses (T2200 mandatory - Declaration of conditions of employment)
  • Tuition Education Amounts (T2202A)
  • Interest paid on student loans
  • Social assistance or workers compensation (T5007)
  • RRSP contributions (if you contribute on a monthly basis you need two slips - one for 10 months of tax year and the other for the following two months)
  • RRSP withdrawal (T4RSP)
  • Sub-contractor (T 5018)
  • Stocks/ Securities (T5008)


  • Adoption expenses
  • Day care receipts/ summer camps receipts
  • Children's Arts and Sports programs
  • Support payment receipts or court order - child as well as spousal support
  • Medical expenses
  • Transit passes
  • Union due receipts or Professional membership fees
  • Exam fees
  • Moving expenses (if the move was work or school related)
  • Charitable donations/Political contributions
  • Sole-proprietor business (Auto travel log, income, expenses, office in home expenses, if claiming depreciation previous years tax return)
  • Rental Property- Income and expenses

Immigrants are advised to bring their passports and work visa ( if applicable) others are requested to bring their latest Notice of Assessment/ Reassessment